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Kenex 3D Geological Modelling

With an established background in the compilation and management of exploration data and 2D predictive modelling for a range of mineralisation styles, the addition of 3D geological and prospectivity modelling services to Kenex’ portfolio is a logical step forward.

3D geological and prospectivity modelling are essential tools that can add significant value to your business. Cost effective field exploration requires thinking in a three dimensional framework, as ore deposits are characterised by inherently 3D geological processes. 3D models are useful for exploration targeting by allowing spatial data modelling techniques to be used in 3D as well as for maximising the value of resource models through integration of 3D geology into geostatistical estimates.

With new tools and techniques available and increased processing power of computers realistic geological models can be created at the scale of the mineral system with all information recorded about geology, geochemistry and the physical properties of the system in a block model. Kenex can work with you to provide meaningful solutions tailored to the specific needs of your exploration or mining venture. We use a variety of tools including Leapfrog, GOCAD, ER Mapper, ArcGIS and MapInfo.

Kenex uses 2D prospectivity modelling, 3D geological modelling and 3D prospectivity modelling to select and manage our own exploration project portfolio and therefore can speak from experience on its benefits.


Key Benefits of 3D Geological Modelling:

  • Display of all relevant exploration data in a 3D Platform
  • Fully integrated and geometrically correct model of the 3D geology, particularly those hosting mineralisation
  • Improve the understanding of the controls on mineralisation in 3D
  • Improve resource definition estimation by constraining and domaining geology effectively
  • Ability to develop a range of statistically proven 3D predictive maps of main geological, geochemical and geophysical mineralisation controls
  • Expand 2D prospectivity modelling techniques into the third dimension to allow statistical prediction of extensions to mineralisation at the mine scale or predict drill targets at the prospect scale
  • Ability to work with multiple datasets to evaluate previously identified targets and develop targets in areas not adequately explored.

3D geological model provided to Mariana Resources for their Hot Maden project in Eastern Turkey


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